Apartment Rental Lawyer in Tel Aviv

Are you looking to rent an apartment in Tel Aviv, Israel? Well, Tel Aviv is a busy neighborhood and at any one time, more than 1,000 apartments are usually up for rent. Mostly, rental contracts are in Hebrew and hence as a non-Hebrew speaking tenant, reading and interpreting a rental contract can be a tall task. In these cases, and even as an Israeli, it is best to use the services of an apartment rental lawyer in Tel Aviv to ensure your rights are protected.

So, Why Do You Need An Apartment Rental Lawyer?

To move in to an apartment, you have to first sign a contract with the landlord. The terms and conditions in the rental contract must always be followed; failure of which could see you evicted or facing tough penalties. Therefore, an apartment rental lawyer in Tel Aviv is always a good idea as it is important to understand the fine print of a rental contract and hence to know your rights both as an apartment owner and a tenant. An apartment lawyer can also play a vital role in overturning an unjust eviction notice if you opt to contest the eviction in a civil court.

Added to this, an apartment rental lawyer in Tel Aviv can be a mediator when it comes to getting back your security deposit after the cancellation of your tenancy. Finally, an apartment lawyer can assist in case of a housing discrimination. A lawyer can either help you settle a dispute amicably with the landlord or they can represent you in a court if required.

Upsides of Using Apartment Rental Lawyer in Tel Aviv

As mentioned earlier, most rental contracts in Tel Aviv are drafted in Hebrew. Therefore, if you can’t read or write Hebrew, it is important to seek a lawyer for a translation. An apartment rental lawyer interprets and explains the whole rental contract thereby eliminating chances of a misunderstanding.

What are the Costs of an Apartment lawyer in Tel Aviv?

Apartment rental lawyers in Tel Aviv are quite affordable. This is since they usually charge a fee not exceeding half of a month’s rent. This means that the cost of your apartment is usually crucial in the determination of legal fees.

Last Word

Although consulting an apartment rental lawyer is the last thing on most people’s minds, trust me, it is always worth it, especially if renting an apartment in Tel Aviv. An apartment rental lawyer not only explains a rental contract but also liaises with the landlord to facilitate a rental agreement that looks after everybody’s interests.