Kiryat Ono is very much a residential city situated about eleven kilometers east of Tel Aviv, Israel. The location of the city allows its inhabitants easy commuter access to the surrounding commercial and industrial areas of Tel Aviv and Herzliya as well as to those adjacent to the two cities. While the average monthly income in Israel is about ILS 7,648, that of residents of Kiryat Ono is higher than the average at ILS 9,706 monthly.

The result of this is that the city bylaws are directed towards easing the lives of residents while ensuring that facilities such as shopping centers are developed in so as to provide optimum service to the people of Kiryat Ono. Understanding the bylaws require a degree of legal specialization that you will only find when dealing with a real estate attorney in Kiryat Ono. 

Kiryat Ono Real Estate Attorney

Your real estate attorney has many responsibilities which have to be carried out on your behalf in order to attend to your best interests when you are involved in real estate transactions. Among the many legal responsibilities your Kiryat Ono real estate attorney is qualified to assist you with are the following:-

  • Municipal taxation such as matters surrounding property tax including property tax appeals;
  • Mandatory municipal charges covering the various utility services provided by the municipality,
  • All other legal services related to real estate transactions such as sales or purchase contracts;
  • Confirmation of land registration details and zoning.

Real estate transactions are very often fraught with difficulties, many of them relating to a lack of understanding of the bylaws that cover the locality of the property. By retaining the services of an experienced Kiryat Ono real estate attorney, you will have peace of mind that your best interests are being attended to by a professional who is an expert in the field.