Owning rental property is the dream of many people as it is one of the most satisfying and profitable ways to earn a living. However, the dream can quickly become a nightmare if a tenant owes rent and is reluctant to pay. Often, the only recourse is to evict the tenant; however, it is important to ensure that any eviction and claim procedures are carried out within the confines of the law in order to avoid being exposed to legal action by a tenant.


Evicting a tenant who owes money from a property in Israel is often a stressful and tedious process and can drag on for a considerable period of time if it is not correctly handled with the help of a property lawyer. This is because, according to Israeli law, it is illegal to evict a tenant without filing a lawsuit and getting an eviction order from a court. It is therefore advised that once a tenant owes money, a landlord should not wait; instead, they should move swiftly to secure the services of a property lawyer and start the eviction process immediately.

Why You Should Have an Airtight Rental Agreement

One major cause of the problems that landlords encounter when they are trying to evict a tenant who owes money is that they do not consult an attorney when drafting rental agreements. Most landlords either copy the contract used by another landlord or buy generic contracts and modify them to their use.

Unfortunately, these store-bought, off-the-shelf contracts have several significant omissions that may allow tenants to default on payments, while problematic clauses in the contract could also make it difficult to evict tenants who owe money.

Security Deposit

When renting out a property, it is essential that a landlord gets the best security possible. While some landlords accept Shtar Chov (a promissory note), it is better to have an attorney hold a cash deposit or to receive a bank guarantee. It is also important to have the tenant provide guarantors who will ensure that there is someone who can be held responsible if a tenant owes money.

The bottom line is that in order to secure your interests as a landlord, make sure to use the services of an experienced attorney when signing a contract with a tenant.