The purchase of a property is the biggest single investment most people in Israel will make during their lifetime. Because of this, it is of the greatest importance that you retain the services of an attorney who has the experience in dealing with real estate in order to look after your best interests. Property law in Israel can be a minefield with all of its complexities, many of which relate back to the pre-State of Israel times and are rooted in many of the archaic Ottoman and British Mandate real estate laws.

This applies particularly in older cities such as Bnei Brak which was founded way back in 1924 by Polish Hasidim who established it as a religious agricultural village.

When contemplating buying real estate in Bnei Brak, it is very important to engage an attorney who is in practice in the city and who has expertise in the legal aspects of real estate that are particular to Bnei Brak. There are certain factors regarding the real estate you intend buying that have to be confirmed. Among the more important are the following:-

  • Proper planning and zoning permission applies to the property
  • All the necessary permits were obtained in respect of the property and any development of the property
  • The building plans for the property were approved
  • Land use laws have been observed
  • Real estate purchase contract law provisions are all observed
  • Condominium law which might apply to the property

Bnei Brak is a city with a very large orthodox and ultra-orthodox component and as such, it is important that your attorney is able to advise you on the specific, but not necessarily legal, requirements of different neighborhoods in the city. Making certain that you have retained the services of an experienced real estate attorney in Bnei Brak can remove many of the hassles involved in property ownership in a religious city such as this.