The city of Ramat Gan is situated just east of Tel Aviv and is part of the Tel Aviv district in Israel. Not only does the city host one of the world’s key diamond exchanges, it is also home to several of the nation’s high-tech industries as well as the tallest building in Israel, the Moshe Aviv tower. Due to its rapid growth, it has also seen a tremendous increase in demand for real estate as more people seek for places to live and to do business.


In order to ensure that your experience as a landlord or tenant in Ramat Gan is as painless as possible, it is important to enlist the services of a competent real estate attorney.

Why You Need Legal Representation

All too often, landlords and tenants approach a real estate attorney seeking legal representation due to problems arising from signing a contract that had not been prepared by an attorney. In most cases, if they had sought legal assistance when drafting or before signing the contract, they could have avoided issues further down the road. Unfortunately, one party will often seek to take advantage of the other, and only a competent real estate attorney can review the agreement to ensure that it contains all the clauses necessary to protect their interests and to preserve their rights.

Determining the Rental Period

As a tenant, using a competent real estate lawyer will help you secure an option to extend your rental period. This is because the extension option clauses in some rental contracts allow a landlord to increase the rent on the property. On the other hand, a landlord can benefit from legal advice to ensure that any extension options included in the rental agreement do not put them at a disadvantage in favor of their tenant.

Security Deposit

Before letting out their property, a landlord in Ramat Gan is fully within their rights to demand that the tenant provides some form of security to ensure that the tenant performs their obligations as stipulated in the contract. While many landlords accept a guarantor, promissory note or check paid to a utility company, the recommended security is a cash deposit into the landlord’s lawyer’s account.