Every city in Israel, and different areas within the same city, have certain local legal obligations that property owners have to observe and be aware of. It is important therefore that you retain the services of a Holon real estate lawyer before entering into any contract to purchase real estate in that city. One fact that you should be aware of is that Holon has the second largest industrial zone in Israel, after that of Haifa.

The city, located south of Tel Aviv, was founded in 1935 by Polish textile workers and came about as the result of the establishment of a textile factory in the area. Despite its industrial basis, Holon has become very much a cultural city with many of its museums and activities directed towards children, a fact which flavors many of the city laws.

Holon real estate lawyers have an advantage because one of the nine Israel Land Registration offices, and that of its inspectorate, are based in Holon. This means that by using a lawyer in Holon to advise and assist with your real estate transaction, you are dealing with a lawyer who is probably involved on a regular basis with the following very important real estate related activities:-

  • The three different Land Registers:
  1. The Deeds Register
  2. The Rights Register
  3. The Cooperative Houses (Condominium) Register
  • Certification of transactions with regard to land and its registration.

When dealing with the Lands Registration Inspectorate, the lawyers require expertise in the following:-

  • Disputes between apartment owners in condominiums which are heard and ruled on by the inspectors whose findings carry the same force as those of magistrates;
  • Settlements  for disputes regarding the rights of title which are based on official surveys and mapping.

Over and above these specific and very specialized activities, real estate lawyers in Holon are well versed in the local laws and legal requirements you should be aware when involved in a real estate transaction in Holon.