Remember, that an increasing number of tenants in Israel come from other countries with an experience of different property laws as well as a different culture with regard to the landlord-tenant relationship. The language difference can also become a problem where the intended Hebrew meaning of a clause in the lease can be lost in the translation which might well have not been properly done in the first place. 

The definition of the word “urgent” can differ very substantially between different cultures. Where urgent in America might mean a repair needs to be done in a few hours, in Israel, up to 48 hours might be considered reasonable. The only way this can be dealt with is by retaining a lawyer who is understanding of these problems and can attempt to clear them by negotiation and explanation rather than by involving you in legal costs that can very often get out of hand.

Final Word

Your duty to yourself as a landlord is to use common sense and to place your trust in a good lawyer who will attend to your best interests. The objective must always be to solve problems with a tenant in the most efficient way possible so that the landlord-tenant relationship can be maintained in the best interest of both parties.