Have you ever been embroiled in a civil suit? It’s time consuming and confusing, right? The litigation process can be complicated especially if you are not conversant with your rights or if you can’t argue your case eloquently and effectively before a judge. Therefore, in light of a civil suit, seeking legal representation in Israel is vital for increased chances of winning. Israeli litigation lawyers have extensive experience in the laws that govern the country and this should always be your starting point.

Litigation Lawyer

A litigation lawyer is simply an attorney who mainly handles civil cases. A litigation lawyer helps with the case investigation, represents you in the pre-trial and even argues on your behalf should the case go to trial. However, litigation lawyers in Israel are not to be confused with transaction lawyers. The latter helps in reaching a consensus between the parties involved and most of the times, you will need to compromise in order to reach a resolution. However, with litigation lawyers, you could have your way by imposing your terms on the defense.

Litigation Lawyers in Israel

Being a first world country, finding a litigation lawyer in Israel is actually very simple. This is since you can’t walk a few blocks without coming across a law firm. Interestingly, you can also set up an appointment online and most litigation lawyers offer a free consultation to discuss your case and your rights as well as the legal options available.

How much will it cost you to hire a litigation lawyer in Israel?

If you are conversant with Israel’s judicial structure, you may have noticed that criminal cases as well as civil cases don’t have a jury. This means that the sitting judge decides whether the plaintiff or the defense will carry the day.

Some litigation lawyers in Israel work on a contingency basis. That is, you only pay if the judge rules in you favor. The contingency fees may vary from one lawyer to another so make sure to clarify this before hiring the services of a litigation lawyer in Israel.

In most cases, as a loser in a civil suit, you are expected to meet all the legal fees. For this reason, it is advisable to seek the help from a professional and reputable litigation lawyer in Israel in order to increase your chances of winning.

Last Word

A litigation lawyer plays an integral role in the success of a civil suit, right from investigation all the way to the trial. As someone facing litigation in Israel, to increase the odds of the judge ruling in your favor, hiring a top litigation lawyer is highly advised.