The Zelcer Law Firm fully appreciates the time, energy and resources needed to run a successful business. The time and cost involved in litigation often proves far more expensive than the amount that forms the subject of the dispute. The result is that costly and time consuming litigation can end up being a threat to the very existence of the business. It is essential to employ the services of a legal representative such as the Zelcer Law Firm that has attorneys with the extensive legal and commercial knowledge needed to give advice on your best course of action. They will always provide advice as to the cost effectiveness of any planned litigation as well as the best route to take.

Commercial litigation generally involves claims in respect of malpractice, contract law, payment disputes and class action plus many more areas that are less often a cause of litigation. The approach to commercial litigation adopted by the Zelcer Law Firm is to ensure the ongoing viability of the client’s business for the duration of the legal process. The commercial and legal experience of the attorneys that handle commercial matters is such that they are well equipped to asses not only the legal costs, but the costs to the business in time and money spent on the litigation. Their ability and expertise in advising and representing clients in all the courts such as District Courts, the Supreme Court as well as the High Court of Justice ensures that client rights are always ensured to the best of their ability. Zelcer Law Firm also provides representation at different appeal committees, mediation and arbitration hearings as well as quasi-judicial tribunals.

The following areas of commercial litigation are covered by the Zelcer Law Firm:

  • Breach of contract and other contractual disputes
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Shareholder and partnership disputes
  • Unfair business practice
  • Purchase, sale and supply agreements
  • Employment Contracts – drafting, contractual claims and contract interpretation
  • Class action
  • Consumer litigation
  • Labor or employment disputes
  • Debt enforcement and collections
  • Malpractice and professional negligence
  • Liability
  • Any other causes of commercial disputes

Zelcer Law Firm is always prepared to draw on expert assistance from other legal professionals in cases where their own expertise might not extend to the matter on hand. The commercial knowledge combined with legal expertise places the Zelcer Law Firm in a unique position to advise commercial clients as well as to do expert preparations for any potential litigation. From inception, each case is carefully assessed and treated on its own merits.

The litigation attorneys at the Zelcer Law Firm are all highly experienced with the proven ability to prepare for litigation and to also to change tactics as and when the situation demands it during the litigation process. The approach at to all litigious matters is that the client and the attorney have to work together as a team to achieve the desired result.

Amihai Zelcer, head of the Zelcer law Firm, provides personal oversight on every matter and is readily available for client consultation as and when the need arises.

Whether our client is the defendant or the complainant, we undertake to do our utmost to achieve the desired result using effective legal strategies. We invite you to contact us for a FREE initial consultation which we hope will lead to a lasting attorney client relationship.

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