Inheritance law in its broadest aspect has two separate approaches; one where the deceased has left a will and the other where the deceased has not left a will or has left a will that is declared null and void. The complexities in dealing with all the legal aspects surrounding inheritance are best dealt with using qualified legal assistance. The Zelcer Law Firm is well versed in all aspects of Inheritance Law and can provide the correct and pertinent advice as well as assist beneficiaries, or those who believe that they should be beneficiaries, through the entire process.

Amihai Zelcer, head of the Zelcer Law Firm, acted as the Israeli representative for a leading US law firm for five years dealing with the victims of acts of terror in Israel. This included extensive work dealing with various aspects of inheritance law. The experience he gained during that period enables the Zelcer Law Firm to provide an effective and professional service to clients while maintaining the sensitivity to human emotions in difficult situations. The firm has extensive knowledge of case law on the subject of inheritance making them well suited to advise and act on behalf of clients.

The aspects of inheritance law that the Zelcer Law Firm is able to provide guidance, advice and carry out the necessary administration include:

  • Drawing of Wills
  • Explanation of the Law of Succession
  • Explanation of the Laws of Probate
  • Application for succession orders with Succession Case Registrar (no valid will)
  • Application for orders of probate with the Inheritance Registrar
  • Objections to an inheritance
  • Extensions for probate time period requests
  • Requests to extend the time for objection to an inheritance or probate order
  • Drafting agreements between heirs
  • Estate Management
  • Assistance in resolving disputes between heirs
  • Rabbinical Court in cases where observant heirs request that jurisdiction

While we offer our services in the all above, we will always be able to assist and advise with regard to all inheritance law matters not mentioned. Most people are not aware of the details of inheritance law and how it might affect them. When a close relative or other person from whom you think you have a right to inherit has passed away it is most important to consult an attorney versed in inheritance law to ascertain your rights.

It is important to understand that until all the procedures and applications have been completed and submitted with the necessary fees and an Inheritance Order made, no assets in the estate can be distributed or dealt with in any way. Section 13A of the Inheritance Law sets out the entire legal procedure necessary for the issuing of the inheritance order and at the Zelcer Law Firm we are well qualified and experienced in these matters and will ensure that all your rights and entitlements are properly taken care of.

The Zelcer Law Firm invites you to experience the sensitivity, care and professionalism that we give our clients by arranging a initial free consultation with us.

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