The complexities surrounding real estate law in Israel often result in costly and time consuming litigation to settle disputes that might never have arisen if proper legal advice was sought at the time of the transaction. The different transactions include the sale, purchase and letting of both commercial and residential property as well as land sharing arrangements. There are also several classes of property ownership which can be either State owned or owned by the Jewish National Fund which are managed by the Israel Land Authority as well as privately owned property which all have different laws governing ownership registration. The Zelcer Law Firm has the professional legal knowledge to advise you on all these matters which contain areas of potential dispute if not correctly dealt with.

The aspects of real estate litigation services that are available from the Zelcer Law Firm include:

Amihai Zelcer, head of the Zelcer Law Firm, has extensive experience in the real estate world both as a real estate investor himself and as a specialist real estate attorney. He serves as a lecturer for a preparatory course for realtors for the Ministry of Justice which is an indication of his expertise and knowledge in the real estate arena. He makes this expertise available to all clients at the Zelcer Law Firm even if their matter is being managed by another attorney in the law practice.

Mediation, dispute resolution or arbitration services which can be more cost effective and quicker than conventional litigation through the courts is another field of expertise you can find with the Zelcer Law Firm. Amihai Zelcer is a graduate of the Mediation Course of the National Mediation Bar Association and is available to represent clients at such hearings or to act as a mediator or arbitrator to arrive at acceptable resolutions of real estate disputes. The interface between real estate, legal and mediation knowledge make for a unique service available to our clients.

If you feel you are in a situation where your rights are not being upheld in a real estate matter, we invite you to an initial free consultation at the Zelcer Law Firm. This will allow us to assess your legal problem and for you to experience our professional and empathetic approach.

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