Real estate and property ownership laws in Israel are very different to those in force in most other countries. 93% of the land in Israel is owned either by the State or the Jewish National Fund and managed on their behalf by a statutory body called the Israel Lands Authority. Purchase of a property often does not mean actual ownership, but the ownership of a long term lease over the property from the Israel Lands Authority. Such a lease is generally for a 49 year period renewable for another 49 years on expiration.

The importance of establishing the precise ownership and land usage details of any property in Israel cannot be overstated. Anybody who is either buying or selling a property, whether they are Israelis or foreign residents, needs the advice and guidance of a law firm with the correct expertise and experience. The Zelcer Law Firm with the extensive legal and real estate experience of the founder, Amihai Zelcer, always on hand for guidance is the most sensible choice that can be made. Residential as well as commercial property transactions, selling or buying, require complex submissions and document verifications before the transaction can be concluded.

The Zelcer Law Firm looks after the best interests of its clients and the safeguarding of their rights by offering the following services:

The purchase of a property is probably the biggest investment most people make during their lifetime and legal services related to the transaction from a suitably qualified law firm is essential for the successful completion of any real estate transaction. Without the proper advice, serious and costly problems can occur.

There is no replacement for experience and the expertise found at the Zelcer Law Firm is made up of a combination of extensive real estate and legal experience achieved through many successfully concluded transactions. Many law firms offer their services for real estate transactions without the necessary background or experience to take the client through each step of the transaction with the necessary explanations of the process which will never happen with the Zelcer Law Firm.

Amihai Zelcer has experience as a real estate investor himself together with his impeccable legal qualification. He serves as a lecturer to a preparatory course for realtors for the Ministry of Justice, an indication of his status in the real estate world. He is equally suitably qualified to advise on the commercial and economic aspects of any real estate transaction as he is to advise on the legal aspects.

Once you establish an attorney-client relationship with the Zelcer Law Firm, you will experience the importance we place on the personal relationship we form with our clients. Amihai Zelcer is always personally available to answers question or to give sought for advice even if your transaction is being managed by another attorney.

We invite you to an initial free consultation to allow you the opportunity to experience the personal service and attention to detail you will receive at the Zelcer law Firm.

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