The importance of having contracts prepared in the business world in such a way that they are unambiguous, clearly understood and to the point, cannot be overstated. The fact is that many contractual disagreements end up in court because the original contracts were not prepared with the meticulous attention to detail that you get when your contract is prepared by the Zelcer Law Firm.

Any contract that you have to enter into, be it with employees, suppliers or customers, you are invited to a free initial consultation with the Zelcer Law Firm. The reality of life is that at the time an agreement is reached, most parties are happy and don’t pay the necessary attention to the detail of their contractual arrangement. When a dispute arrives that is when the contract is actually properly scrutinized for the first time in most instances and because of ambiguous or unclear language, the matter ends up in court. The court process can be extremely costly and time consuming. The Zelcer Law Firm applies attention to every minute detail in contract preparation to cover all bases so that in the event of a dispute, matters can be settled without court intervention.

One of the important requirements of ancient Roman Latin law was the stipulation that contractual agreements must be respected. The caveat here is that for respect, the contract must be clear, precise and accurately reflect the wishes of the contracting parties so as to avoid misunderstanding or misinterpretation of the legal clauses. At the Zelcer Law Firm, we strive to draw contracts that will not require court intervention for understanding or interpretation. 

The specialized contract law services the Zelcer Law Firm Provides include:

  • Shareholder agreements
  • Property lease agreements
  • Contractor agreements for services or work to be done
  • Employer/employee contracts
  • Mediation services and alternative dispute resolution services
  • General legal advice with regard to contract preparation and enforcement

With the Zelcer Law Firm, you will experience our commitment to client service based on:

  • Professionalism, knowledge and experience
  • The personal attention of Amihai Zelcer, head of the Zelcer Law Firm, with his exceptional experience whenever this is needed
  • Access both to Amihai Zelcer when necessary or to the case attorney through direct contact should this be required
  • Attention to every minute detail to ensure to the best of our ability that the terms of the contract are not open to dispute

The first advice we give to every client is to always remain aware that once a contract has been signed, it is irreversible. We advise our clients to fully and critically examine or prepare contracts in such a way as to ensure that our client’s rights can be upheld. We apply our legal knowledge to your contract to ensure that there will be none of the later regrets that can cause untold damage to a business or to a business relationship.

Please accept our invitation to set up a free initial consultation and assess our quality of service and legal abilities for your own benefit.

For a FREE initial consultation, please call us on 077-2200122 and we are sure this will lead to a lasting relationship.