Efficient real estate management requires a multidisciplinary approach where legal and commercial property knowledge and experience can come together resulting in an effective real estate management service. The legal aspects of real estate ownership and development are complex in that they encompass a wide variety of statutes as well as incorporate all the applicable case law.

The realization of the possible pitfalls in real estate management has resulted in many local and foreign property owners opting to use the services of real estate management organizations. The Zelcer Law Firm is uniquely qualified to offer their real estate management services to property owners as they have the correct interface between legal and commercial experience to provide an exceptional service.

The Zelcer law Firm offers real estate management services to a variety of players in the real estate world including property owners, local and foreign based; contractors and organizations or associations in need of real estate management services. The range of property related services offered by us covers the entire spectrum of the real estate industry. Amihai Zelcer, head of the Zelcer Law Firm, has extensive real estate and commercial experience as an investor himself and also in an advisory capacity to clients. His status in the industry is underlined by the fact that he also serves as a lecturer for a preparatory course for realtors for the Ministry of Justice.

The extensive range of services, both legal and commercial, offered by the Zelcer Law Firm to property owners include:

  • Asset management
  • Property purchase or sale negotiations
  • Dissolution of land sharing partnerships
  • Filing of claims for eviction orders
  • Eviction from a property
  • Rental collection services
  • Sale of property process including elicitation
  • Property realization while maximizing value
  • Preparation of contractor agreements
  • Sourcing of quality tenants including suitability evaluations (background and financial)
  • Negotiation and drawing of leases
  • Legal advice with regard to property purchase covering all legal and commercial requirements to maximize economies and security

Property transactions, whether you are buying or selling, are much easier to transact when you have the services of a professional to assist you throughout the process. Property detection and the subsequent checks that need to be done ensuring zoning and other areas of suitability for the intended use together with all the necessary agreements are all taken care of for you as a client of the Zelcer Law Firm. The purchase of a property is an extremely large capital investment and in many instances, the biggest investment you will ever make and without proper qualified guidance and advice, this could end in disaster. The legal and commercial experience and knowledge at the Zelcer Law Firm enables us to provide our clients with all the pertinent commercial and legal advice to ensure a satisfactory and well constructed transaction.

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