The complex legalities surrounding inheritance make it essential for heirs to an estate, or those who believe that they should be heirs, to be advised and guided by qualified legal professionals. One of the most important aspects is the issuing of the Order of Probate by the Inheritance Registrar which confirms that that the will in question conforms with and satisfies the legal requirements as stated in section 13A of the Inheritance Law.

The Zelcer Law Firm has gained an enviable reputation in their handling of inheritance law matters by providing an efficient, effective and professional service and above all showing results for their clients. The legal complexities surrounding inheritance law and the issue of Orders of Probate in particular involve many aspects of law and case histories beyond inheritance law which makes our experience invaluable to our clients. We also appreciate that when consulting on inheritance we are dealing with someone who has either recently lost or is facing the imminent loss of a loved one. These situations require great sensitivity and due regard for the emotions the client is experiencing. At the Zelcer Law Firm, we walk the entire path with our clients until the best outcome to the matter in question has been achieved.

Amihai Zelcer, head of the Zelcer Law Firm, spent five years as the Israel representative of a US law firm dealing with the victims of terror in Israel and gaining invaluable expertise and knowledge of all aspects of inheritance law. The one area that he assisted clients in was that of requesting and obtaining Orders of Probate on behalf of clients very often in difficult circumstances.

Areas of inheritance law in which the Zelcer Law firm specializes include:

  • Requests for inheritance or probate orders
  • Objections to inheritances
  • Requests for appointment of a deceased estate manager
  • Requests for extension periods for filing objections to inheritance or probate orders
  • Requests for copies of inheritance or probate orders
  • Drafting of agreements between heirs
  • Assistance in dissolving inheritance disputes between heirs

Many clients don’t understand the implications or actual meaning of inheritance law and how it affects them as heirs. The inheritance or probate order is a declaration of the rights of the heirs to an estate and it is important to understand that while it does not create a substantive right, it is within a declarative right only. If you believe that you are entitled to benefit from a deceased estate, you need to retain the service of a lawyer in order to enforce your rights in the event that you are correct in your belief.

Section 13A of the Inheritance Law outlines all the formalities that have to be completed and the documentation that has to be submitted to the Inheritance Registrar together with the specified fee in order to request the probate order. When dealing with inheritance matters, the attorneys at the Zelcer Law Firm do their utmost to include as many family members as possible throughout the entire process. This is done with two objectives in mind, the first being that everybody is aware of the status of the matter at all times and secondly and more importantly this often helps to bridge rifts that occur in families over sensitive issues such as a deceased estate.

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