Verbal contracts are a definite recipe for future conflict as the exact agreement is always difficult to ascertain and are definitely not advisable in any circumstances. Written contracts on the other hand must be concise, have clarity of meaning and comply with all legal requirements to ensure that they are binding and enforceable on the parties to the contract.

When you are involved in situations such as the purchase or sale of fixed or movable property, entering into a business partnership or any other aspect of life that requires a recorded agreement between you and another party or person, you should always rely on professional legal advice. Contracts in the world of business and real estate very often require expertise in several areas of law and as a client of the Zelcer Law Firm, you will find the perfect blend between commercial and legal expertise.

The Zelcer Law Firm offers legal service for contracts and agreements in the following areas:

  • Contracts for the sale or purchase of real estate (Israeli law allows the same attorney to represent both buyer and seller; to avoid conflict, we choose to represent one party only)
  • Lease agreements
  • Partnership agreements or contracts
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Contracts for the sale of a business
  • Contracts for the sale of goodwill
  • Contractor employment contracts for terms and scope of work to be done
  • Employer/employee contracts
  • General legal advice on contracts and to individual parties to agreements

The initial advice we give to all our clients is the old maxim ‘Think before you act’ and to remember that the final act of any contract is the signature. Once you have signed a contract, you cannot remove your signature and are legally bound to the terms of the contract. Our function as your legal adviser is to allow you to be free to arrive at the terms of your contractual arrangement while we ensure that the wording of the contract accurately reflects the agreement and is able to be clearly understood by all the parties to the contract.

Amihai Zelcer, founder and CEO of the Zelcer Law Firm, has had extensive experience in the business and commercial world in addition to his experience and qualifications as an attorney. This combination empowers him to be an excellent adviser during the negotiation process and to ensure that the precise terms of any agreement are properly recorded in the subsequent contract in such a way as to be easily understandable and legally correct and acceptable.

A feature at the Zelcer Law Firm is that we provide all clients with the personal mobile number of the attorney handling their matter for ease of direct contact without having to go through secretaries or clerks. Amihai Zelcer exercises personal oversight on every matter passing through the firm, even if he is not the attorney representing the client.

We invite you to experience our professional approach to clients by making an appointment for an initial free consultation for us to assess your matter.

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