Selling any property, residential or commercial, from the time of the decision to sell until the actual payment has been received can be a long and difficult process requiring expert legal advice. The Zelcer Law Firm has extensive experience in all forms of real estate transactions, acting on behalf of either the sellers or the purchasers of all types of real estate. There are numerous statutory obligations incumbent on the seller ranging from documentary proof of ownership of the property to compliance with tax legislation.

Amihai Zelcer, head of the Zelcer Law Firm, has invaluable experience both as a real estate attorney and as an investor involved in the buying and selling of properties. By using us as your legal advisors when selling your property, you are able to benefit from the extensive knowledge Amihai Zelcer has of the real estate industry. Whether you want to sell your commercial, agricultural or residential property, use the professionals at the Zelcer Law Firm to look after your best interests.

The Zelcer Law Firm offers the full range of real estates service when you are selling your property including:

  • Summary and explanation of tax laws relating to property sales
  • Capital gains tax as it applies to local and foreign sellers of property
  • Betterment levy payable to local councils
  • Understanding of the definition of property ownership in Israel
  • Drawing up of documentary proof of property ownership
  • Preparing documentary proof of legal status of the property
  • Conducting negotiations with purchasers
  • Proper definition of dates and amounts of payments
  • Drawing of agreements of sale
  • Acting on behalf of foreign sellers

There can be no replacement for experience particularly in the real estate world where mistakes can be very costly because of the large sums often involved. The Zelcer Law Firm has vast experience in the negotiation of property sales together with the legal expertise to ensure that our client’s rights are always looked after with the utmost care and professionalism. Amihai Zelcer is always prepared to meet with and advise clients giving them the benefit of his knowledge and experience, even if they are dealing with another attorney in the firm.

We invite you to a free initial consultation to discuss the sale of your property and to experience our professional and caring approach.

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