An accident can happen at any time and anywhere as a result of a car accident, a work related injury, or a fall from an upturned paving stone. You can also be the victim of professional malpractice or negligence which can cause harm or injury. Insurance cover for these unexpected events in one’s life are often rejected when you lodge a claim which means that you end up having to go through a legal process to obtain compensation for the injury you have sustained.

The awareness of the right to claim personal injury compensation has increased and you need to have the right attorney to assist you in the processing of a claim.

Zelcer Law Firm is a specialist personal injury claims attorney and we will always gladly assist you by making you aware of your rights and giving you advice on how to claim the compensation you might be entitled to as the result of a personal injury.

We provide personal injury claims advice and representation in all areas of personal injury law including:

  • Medical malpractice
  • Road accidents including pedestrian accidents
  • Workplace accidents
  • Damage claims against local authorities (municipalities or local councils)
  • Damage claims against insurance companies

The Zelcer Law Firm believes it is a cut above the rest for the following reasons:

Amihai Zelcer, the founder and head of the Zelcer Law Firm spent many years as the Israeli representative for the Rothenberg Law Firm LLP, a leading United States law firm that specializes in personal injury and medical malpractice claims. Albert Einstein said and we quote “The only source of knowledge is experience”. The experience gained during the years Amihai Zelcer spent building personal injury claim portfolios for clients has given him the personal injury claims knowledge that has made the Zelcer Law Firm into a powerful and professional expert and leader in the field.

We are selective in the clients we choose to represent and unless we are confident that your claim will succeed, we would rather advise you not to continue with a claim and avoid the attendant cost and emotional upset of not being awarded compensation.

Personal injury claims very often result in intense emotional stress as the claim proceeds through the court and we attach great importance to treating our clients with sensitivity and care throughout the claim process.

We do our utmost to protect our clients from further hurt or embarrassment during the trial preparation as well as during the court proceedings.

While it is important to realize that Amihai Zelcer cannot manage every case personally, he will be involved in the entire legal process from the initial consultation until completion of the trial.

Our clients are assured that we can be easily contacted at all times and will respond to any calls as quickly as possible reducing delays to a minimum. Clients are also given the personal mobile number of the attorney handling their case for ease of contact.

We invite you to a free initial consultation, with the relevant documents, to discuss your claim with us and are sure you will leave the first meeting with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have made the correct decision by selecting the Zelcer Law Firm.

Self-praise is no recommendation but the number of satisfied clients that have maintained a lasting relationship with the Zelcer Law Firm says it all with regard to the professional, sensitive and reliable personal service each of our clients receives.

For more information or to schedule your FREE consultation, please call us on 077 - 2200122