We are all aware that when someone has done us an injustice or harmed us in some or other way, we are entitled to damages. On the other hand, an aggrieved party might have a claim against you for damages for one reason or another. Very few of us have the legal knowledge as to how to proceed against a wrongdoer or how to defend ourselves against a claim from another party.

The Zelcer Law Firm, with a dedicated litigation department, is your best option in any of the above circumstances. We are properly equipped to represent you in court to prosecute your claim or to defend you against a claim from a third party. We will strive to ensure that your rights are upheld with an effective and desired legal result.

Important facts you should be aware of regarding the Zelcer Law Firm:

  • We are qualified to represent you in the Magistrates Court, District Court and Supreme Court as well as the High Court of Justice and any other judicial tribunals. We are also equipped to represent you at mediation or arbitration proceedings, semi-judicial tribunals as well as before different appeal committees.
  • We also offer assistance in preparation for Small Claims Court hearings where you have to represent yourself.
  • Litigation Lawyer in Israel
  • Litigation Lawyers In Israel   

While the Zelcer Law Firm specializes in the civil-commercial legal field, should a client present us with a matter beyond our expertise, we call on the assistance of other law firms that specialize in the desired area.

While all of us can speak, we are not all good orators, in the same way all attorneys can litigate, but they are not all expert litigators.

Facts that qualify the Zelcer Law Firm as expert litigators:

  • Our litigation attorneys appear in the various courts regularly and are all capable of quick creative thinking on their feet. They have the ability to present your case in a persuasive manner and remain calm even under stressful conditions.
  • Every matter is thoroughly researched and understood before proper preparations are made for trial argument. This preparation enables us to provide effective answers to any questions that might arise during the litigation process.
  • A successful conclusion to a court appearance depends on effective team work and we make the client a part of the team in all the preparations and planning leading up to the court appearance. This also ensures that the client fully understands the conduct of the proceedings at all times.
  • Law Court is a tough competitive environment with each party striving for the smallest advantage to advance their case. Despite the tough court atmosphere, our litigators always strive to treat clients with sensitivity and understanding while presenting the client’s case in the most effective and compelling manner.
  • Litigation Lawyers In Israel 

Amihai Zelcer, head of the Zelcer Law Firm, oversees each case and is always available to answer client questions even though another attorney may be handling the matter.

Should you currently have a problem or anticipate a problem requiring legal advice, please accept our invitation to a free initial consultation during which you can assess the standard of our professionalism and expertise in handling your matter.

For further information or to schedule your FREE consultation, please call us on 077 - 2200122