As much as you as a landlord may wish to simply kick out a tenant at the end of the lease period, there are specific procedures that you have to abide to as outlined by the Israeli law. The process of evicting a tenant is very draining both physically and emotionally if you do not have a lawyer for proper guidance. Regardless of the jurisdiction involved, as the landlord, you must first file and win a legal lawsuit before evicting a tenant.

How to Proceed in a Lawful Eviction

In order to terminate tenancy, you as the landlord must honor your agreement with the tenant by returning any security deposit in accordance to the lease agreement. You should start off by giving the tenant a written notice of eviction as per the Israeli tenancy termination statute. After the time period stated in the notice has expired, you may then reclaim your property, albeit peacefully to avoid conflicts. However, it’s worth noting that a tenant also has a right to contest an eviction and you may be forced to hire a lawyer to represent you before a judge.

Last word

Evicting a tenant is a bureaucratic process which is not only time consuming but also expensive and therefore, it will be in your best interests to avoid renting your property before carrying out an extensive background search of the tenant involved.