For the majority of people, renting a property is their first option before they decide to purchase a house. This makes sense for a variety of reasons; not only does the renter familiarize themselves with the neighborhood, but they also keep their options open to the possibility of finding an even better property or even a new location. Many people who rent often ask themselves, ‘Do I really need a rental property lawyer for a simple rental contract?’ ‘Yes’ is the answer, because a lawyer can smooth out several crucial aspects of the rental process.

Negotiating Rental Fees

Rental fees are often the stickiest point of the rental process. The rent payable depends on a variety of factors and could be due monthly, every quarter or even on a half-annual basis, subject to negotiations between the landlord and the tenant. Having a competent lawyer specializing in rental property can be a great help in such negotiations.

Secure an Option on the Rental Period

Securing rental options is essential when renting a property. This is because the option grants a renter the right to extend the contract period after expiry. Although the terms and conditions of the agreement often stay the same, some landlords may insist that the option period be accompanied by an increase in rent by an agreed amount. The process of negotiating options on a rental contract can be smoothed by having a competent attorney.

Offset Repair Costs

As a rule, the landlord is generally liable for repair of any defect due to normal wear and tear as well as fixing of faults in the structure of the property. However, it can be difficult for a tenant to seek permission to make urgent repairs and be reimbursed by the landlord. An experienced rental property lawyer can put clauses in the contract that will enable the tenant to make the repairs they need and get their costs paid back by the landlord.