Arbitration and mediation have become a very cost and time effective method of dispute resolution as an alternative to litigation through a court. Litigation very often leads to the use of varying legal tactics to postpone and delay the process. This leads to increased costs of court appearances and the preparation of legal argument to counter opposition tactics.


Mediation is a means of settling a dispute between two or more parties in which a third party, the mediator, assists the parties in reaching a settlement. Litigation can be acrimonious and result in the complete breakdown of any relationship while mediation, which is done in a less formal manner, very often results in the re-establishment of a fractured relationship. Mediation can also result in a positive outcome for both parties and the benefits are recognized with courts often ordering disputing parties to undergo a mediation process. The successful outcome of any mediation results in a written agreement being signed by the parties concerned. This agreement is then made an order of court with all parties obligated to adhere to the agreed terms.


Arbitration is a more formal process than mediation where the arbitrator replaces a judge in deciding the outcome of a dispute. The appointment of an arbitrator can be agreed upon by the parties to the dispute or an expert in the subject of the dispute who should have legal knowledge that is acceptable to both parties can be appointed by a professional body.

The use of a lawyer with experience in the subject of the dispute is advisable because the interpretation and understanding of legal documents are very often at the heart of any dispute. Lawyers therefore often prove to be more capable and effective arbitrators as they are able to also apply their legal knowledge to arriving at a fair decision.

The Zelcer Law Firm is well qualified to represent its clients at mediation or arbitration proceedings whether this is between individuals or corporate entities.

There are a number of reasons to choose us if you need a mediator or an arbitrator or to be represented at mediation or arbitration proceedings; these include:

  • Amihai Zelcer, head of the Zelcer Law Firm, is a graduate of the Mediation Course of the National Bar Association and as such, is well qualified to act as a mediator or arbitrator. He also has extensive commercial and business experience and is thus well placed to achieve successful mediation results and well considered decisions in arbitration matters.
  • Conflicts within a business or company, with clients or suppliers or any other party, can divert attention from the smooth running of the business with negative results. Zelcer Law Firm attorneys are experienced and well versed in mediating in these situations and arriving at solutions acceptable to all parties.
  • With the knowledge that business differences can explode very rapidly, the attorneys at Zelcer Law Firm are always ready and available to provide mediation services in a very short time before matters get out of hand.
  • The head of the Zelcer Law Firm, Amihai Zelcer, provides personal oversight to and active participation in every mediation or arbitration matter the firm is involved in even though he might not be doing the actual mediation or arbitration. He carries this involvement through until an agreement between the parties has been reached and signed.

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