Handling of real estate transactions in Israel requires extensive knowledge and specific expertise in a number of specialized areas of the law. When looking to buy or rent property in Israel, it is vital that an individual or company enlists the services of a law firm with real estate attorneys who can comfortably and competently address any legal issues that may arise. For both individual and commercial interests for tenants, developers, investors and property managers, a real estate attorney can smooth out the processing of real estate consulting agreements, tenancy or purchase contracts and complicated development plans.

Why Hiring a Real Estate Attorney Is Important

There are many reasons why it is important for people interested in real estate in Israel to hire a competent and experienced real estate attorney to handle their property management tasks. A property owner will benefit greatly from having an attorney who stays up to date with the various Israeli property and land laws and regulations.

This will ensure that any rental or sale transactions are carried out quickly and with a minimum of fuss and that, if any legal action becomes necessary, the property owner or tenant gets to benefit from sound advice. An Israeli real estate attorney is a professional legal practitioner overseen and licensed by the Law Bar of Israel, ensuring they maintain professional conduct and act in the client’s best interest at all times.

Services Provided By Real Estate Lawyers in Israel

Because the purchase of real estate is likely to be the largest investment that one is likely to make, it is essential that they use a competent real estate lawyer for the following reasons:

  • Establish the rights of both the buyer / tenant and the seller / landlord with respect to the property on offer.
  • Find out whether there are any caveats or warnings (known as earat hazara) that have been filed at the registration office.
  • A real estate attorney will help their client to negotiate agreements while ensuring that their rights are fully protected.
  • The lawyer will ensure that all legal documentation required by law is correctly filed.