The purchase of apartments in Jerusalem or any property in the city for that matter can be compared to negotiating an obstacle course. Without the proper equipment, the obstacles can become very difficult to get passed and the same goes when purchasing a Jerusalem apartment. You need to be represented by a competent real estate lawyer who will look after your interests and make sure your rights won't be abused.

One of the important facts that you would need to check on is the actual size of the apartment you intend purchasing. There are several different definitions when the square meters of an apartment are referred to. The first is the total size measured from the outside of the outer walls; the other alternative is the total size measured from the inside of the outer walls. These two methods discount the space taken by inner walls as if they don't exist. The other measurement is the total of the actual usable area of all the rooms which is also the figure used to calculate the arnona or rates in Jerusalem.

Many apartments in Jerusalem are purchased by people not resident in Israel and they are quoted prices in shekels rather than in euros or dollars. Currency valuations can fluctuate and you could find yourself paying more in dollars or euros if the shekel strengthens between the time of signature of an agreement and the actual payment. Your lawyer will be able to advise you on the best way to deal with this problem.

Without a real estate lawyer representing you for the purchase of apartments in Jerusalem, you will not be able to check all the important details about the property and the seller. Details such as whether the seller is the registered owner of the property and has proper documentary proof of ownership and other similar details relating to the actual property are vital to check before making a purchase. 

Make sure your rights are looked after and that you understand all the legalities by having a lawyer representing you when negotiating the purchase of apartments in Jerusalem and you will enjoy peace of mind.