As a tenant, there is nothing more frustrating than coming back home to find an eviction notice staring at you on the front door to your apartment. If you know your rights as a tenant, you can contest the eviction order in a court where you face it off with the landlord. For a high probability of winning, it is always advisable to contact a tenant eviction lawyer. Yes, you heard me right; there are lawyers who specialize in eviction cases! On the other hand, after the end of a rental contract, as a landlord, you may need to go to court to prevent the tenant from illegally refusing to leave your property.

As a landlord, why do you need a tenant eviction lawyer?

As the landlord, to legally evict a tenant, you must be given the go-ahead by the judge. Usually, the judge goes through the lease agreement and decides if you have justifiable reasons to evict a tenant which in this case for example, is the lapse of a rental contract. In most cases, a judge can only give the go ahead if the landlord proves that there was no agreement regarding automatic renewal of the rental contract. If there was such an agreement, a landlord is required to give relevant reasons as to why they do not want to renew the existing contract. In some cases, a landlord might want to evict the tenant for other reasons such as excessive noise, damage to the property and more. In addition, even after the judge gives the green light for tenant eviction, a tenant can opt to challenge the eviction in court. Therefore, to increase your chances of winning such a case, a professional tenant eviction lawyer is of vital importance

As a tenant, why do you need a tenant eviction lawyer?

Statistically, more than 50% of eviction notices are always in bad faith. This means that a landlord can give an eviction notice “maliciously” without actually considering your rights as a tenant. In such a case, it’s your right as a tenant to challenge the eviction order before a judge. Unfortunately, winning such cases without legal help is always a tall task and hence it is always advisable to consider hiring a tenant eviction lawyer for a higher probability of a favorable outcome.

Bottom Line

Tenant eviction lawyers are important to landlords as well as to tenants especially after the end of a rental contract. Tenants can use tenant eviction lawyers if they seek to renew a rental contract while landlords can also hire tenant eviction lawyers if a tenant challenges the eviction notice.